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A Class with Mercedes-Benz

At Jacobs, we have a great mixture of seminars and lectures that combine interactive learning and standard classroom style learning. With a 10:1 professor to student ratio, it’s super easy to get individualized attention and schooling from the professors; every professor knows your name and knows whether or not you’ve been to class. Among some of the seminar classes we have, we have classes that are done collaboratively with companies such as Daimler AG or Airbus.


Thus, as the semester draws to a close, I’d like to take this post to talk about a specific class that I particularly enjoyed this past fall – Global Leadership. This course lasted the full 14 weeks of the semester and was both intensive and constantly dynamic. The course was organized in such a way that we had our own teams and were assigned a team leader from Daimler to conduct project work; with the team leader, we had to develop an innovative and out-of-the-box solution to an existing problem that they presented to us. The 14 weeks past in a flash, and we were already doing our mid-term slam presentations and then our final presentations.

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My team was assigned the project of ‘Cross-cultural Collaboration,’ which is a formidable challenge for multinational companies that are becoming more and more diverse and global. We came up with an architectural design for a ‘Daimler Retreat,’ in which members of a single team could bond in ways beyond just the normal workplace. The other ideas in the class were also incredibly impressive: we had ideas that worked with refugees, with science fiction, with Oculus rift glasses and many more creative ideas. All of us in the class really went above and beyond the ideas that were presented to us to ensure we were ‘stepping out of the box.’

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I particularly enjoyed this class because it brought us in such close contact with an actual company and its issues; it showed us how to apply our skills and knowledge to practical situations, generate our own processes and develop solutions. I think that is incredibly valuable and a great side of the Jacobs education. Additionally, winning teams and all other students who performed well in the course have the opportunity to gain connections with Daimler employees and score some internships.


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